Top Protein Powders in India (April 2024)

Here's a summary:

  • Best whey - One Science & Ultimate Nutrition
  • Best medium range whey- Nutrabox
  • Best vegan protein- Origin
  • Worst whey brand- Big Muscles
  • Worst plant-based- Amway
  • Worst brands advertised as best - Protinex/Ensure/B-protin
  • Worst protein content- B-Protin, Ensure Plus, Bakson's Protein & Vegan by Big Muscles
  • Brands that need extreme caution- Protein by Elements/Nutrilite by Amway [fungal toxins]
  • Herbal blended proteins have more contaminants/pesticides than non-herbal

You can find the full study in the below link:,.15

(We're not sponsored by any of these brands and have provided information that we, as athletes, find useful)